Orchestra Santa Massa represents the Brazilian music in the Olympic Games Rio 2016

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Orchestra Santa MassaOrchestra Santa Massa represents the Brazilian music in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 on this Sunday (21) at 8 PM. The band from Pernambuco, formed by Hélder Aragão (DJ Dolores), Maciel Salú (voice and fiddle), Isaar (vocals and percussion), Fábio Trummer (voice and guitar) and Jam da Silva (percussion) will perform during the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 at the Maracanã Stadium for an audience estimated at 70,000 people at the venue and more than 3 billion viewers worldwide. The group invited to its concert “Maestro Spok” (voice and sax), “André Julião” (concertina) and “Yuri Queiroga” (bass). The repertoire includes Orchestra Santa Massa’s original songs and mixed versions of “Jackson do Pandeiro”, “Luiz Gonzaga”, “Alceu Valenca”, “Jacinto Silva” and even a song composed especially for the occasion, written by Maciel Salú.

2016 is a year of commemoration for Orchestra Santa Massa. The group celebrates 15 years of career and a trajectory full of good times to remember! To commemorate the date, the group has put together a special concert that gathers in its repertoire, besides from its musical hits, new songs that will be present in the group’s new album, which will be recorded in the coming months. Orchestra Santa Massa is recognized for combining electronic music with popular Brazilian rhythms.

Orchestra Santa Massa’s music brings together the best of what each member has to offer. To do this, the band succeeds in reframing some of the country’s traditions, reviving popular styles. Because of this, its repertoire leads the group to a wider audience, removing gaps between rich and poor, young and old, and showing that there is an incredibly rich musical world in Brazil, which goes beyond Samba and Bossa Nova.

Orchestra Santa Massa
In its resume, the band collects a memorable tour in 2003 with more than 36 concerts across Europe and North America; obtained the journalistic and public recognition through a “BBC Awards”; one “Tim Award” (best album); “O Estadão Multicultural Award”. To all this is added the participation in festivals like “Roskilde Festival” (DNK); “De la Cote d’Opale Festival” (FRA); “Roots Festival” (HOL); “Free Jazz” (RJ and SP); “Abril Pro Rock” (PE); “Virada Cultural” (SP); “RecBeat” (PE). To complete, Orchestra Santa Massa also performed in the United States, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Germany.

Between 2004 and 2011, the group took a break in the activities of Orchestra Santa Massa. During this period, the members have worked in their individual careers and in other projects. In 2011 the band reunited and resumed touring schedule, joining the already known repertoire to new themes and versions that influenced them. At full strength, the band resumes adding to a diverse sonic blend, where there is room for the cultural and remarkable tone of Maciel Salú, the lovely voice of Isaar, the pop sense of Fábio Trummer, the virtuosity of Jam da Silva, joined by the contemporary mix of DJ Dolores.

Members – Orchestra Santa Massa, eclectic by definition, brings together artists with different musical profiles:

Helder Aragão (DJ Dolores)
Born in Sergipe and based in Pernambuco, Helder Aragão is DJ Dolores. A veteran of the Manguebeat scene, since 1997 works professionally as a musician and producer. Besides Orchestra Santa Massa, the DJ moves between his solo career and side projects, including the “Banda Sonora” and the “Stank”. In film and theater, he is recognized for creating and producing great soundtracks. Among them, the feature films “Tatuagem” (Hilton Lacerda) and “O Som ao Redor” (Kleber Mendonça Filho) and the theater plays “A Máquina” (João Falcão) and “Desatino do Norte, Desatino do Sul”, performed by the ballet company of the São Paulo’s Municipal Theater.

Maciel Salú (voice and fiddle)
Singer, composer, fiddle player and master of popular culture, Maciel Salú carries the cultural heritage of the Salustiano family. Dynamic artist, moves freely between the popular and the contemporary. In 2003 the artist began his solo career. Since then, he has released four albums, a commemorative collection that brought together his first three albums and partnerships with artists like “Chico César”, “Siba” and “Benjamin Taubkin”. A former member of the band “Chão e Chinelo”, the artist currently divides his time between his solo career, “Orchestra Santa Massa” and the “Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda”.

Isaar de França (vocals and percussion)
Adept at popular culture, Isaar began her musical career in 1997 with the “Comadre Fulôzinha” group, alongside with the singers “Karina Buhr” and “Alessandra Leão”. She began a solo career in 2006 when she released her first album, “Azul Claro”. It is considered by the critic José Teles (Jornal do Commercio | PE) one of the best singers that emerged in Brazil. Very versatile, she had several partnerships in her career. Among them are “Tom Zé”, “Roberta Sá”, “Mundo Livre S/A”, “Siba e A Fuloresta do Samba”, “Cidadão Instigado”, “Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda” and “Lula Queiroga”.

Fábio Trummer (voice and guitar)
Born in Olinda (PE), Fábio Trummer is the lead singer of the “Banda Eddie”, one of the precursors of the called “Original Olinda Style”,  which became a mark in the music scene of Pernambuco. Composer, producer of soundtracks and artistic director of the CD “Jornal das Palmeiras,” by “Erasto Vasconcelos”, the self-taught artist has eight works on his discography, including one with Orchestra Santa Massa, six with “Banda Eddie” and one with the project “Trummer Super Sub América”, which he maintains, since 2013, in partnership with Bori Luca and Diego Kings, both born in Salvador, Bahia.

Jam da Silva (percussion)
Composer and percussionist, Jam da Silva adopt an innovative approach in his productions. He had songs recorded by the singers “Roberta Sá”, “Elba Ramalho”, “Barbara Eugenia”, in addition to partnerships with “Luisa Maita”, “Marisa Monte” and “Marcelo Yuka”. Beside his work at Orchestra Santa Massa, the artist maintains a solo career that has already resulted in two albums in his discography, “Dia Santo” e “Nord”.  He has collaborations with international musicians and with Brazilian artists, performing live and in the studio. Some of them are “Massilia Sound System” (France), “Troublemakers” (USA), “Camille” (France) and “Toumani Diabaté” (Mali).


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Information about Orchestra Santa Massa:

Production | Manager
Ruth Pajeú
Telephone | WhatsApp | Phone: 55 81 99606-7758
Email: grao.pe@gmail.com

Press office | Public Relations
Dulce Reis
telephone | WhatsApp | Phone: 55 81 98853-3083
Email: feedcomunicacao.pe@gmail.com


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